Beet Hoven flakes – Fruit and vegetable toppings – 500g

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Greeny Wonder Fruit and Vegetable Flake Toppings are a complementary food for adult dogs. This mixture of fruits and vegetables provides an additional ration of vitamins and minerals to enrich your animal's ration (kibbles, pâtés, household ration or barf).

These flakes of natural vegetables and fruits, dried in the open air, are the ideal complement to the daily diet. Valuable ingredients from the best vegetables and fruits are thus made available to your dog every day, quickly and easily. Thanks to the gentle drying and grinding, the vegetable fibers are already broken down for your dog and can therefore be used optimally.

30% vegetable flakes + 70% water = 100% fresh vegetables

You can also use these toppings to enrich the ice cream of your darlings or even use them for your Lickimat.

Once the flavor has been chosen, for even more pleasure and additional indulgence and for a little touch of fantasy, you can add a “topping” of dehydrated fruits and vegetables presented in small pieces to the ice cream. They exist in 2 versions.

Crunchy, healthy, irresistible, these toppings will surely seduce your loulou whose favorite season will now be that of ice cream!

🌱 100% natural

🌱 For adult dogs as complementary food, from 4 months as a treat

🌱 Fruits and vegetables

🌱 Rich in antioxidants

🌱 Grain and gluten free

🌱 Hypoallergenic

🌱 No additives, no added sugars, no dextrose, no preservatives

🌱 Complementary food or toppings for ice cream or LickiMat

Composition : 45% carrot, 25% beetroot, 14% apple, 11.5% pumpkin, 2% mango, 0.5% strawberry.

Analytical constituents: Moisture 9.9%, ash 6.4%, protein 6.1%, fiber 5.4%, fat 0.8%.

Nutrition advice 🌱 For dogs from 12 months or from 4 months as a treat if solid food has been introduced. This product is a treat, not a food source. Give as a snack or reward according to your animal's age, weight and activity, adjusting the food ration accordingly. Always leave fresh water available to your pet. Never leave him unattended while eating, chewing or chewing. Please note that the vegetables have already lost much of their moisture, so only a small amount should be given.

Practical advice 🌱 Adjust the quantity according to the size of your dog. As this product is natural, it is normal to observe differences in size, shape and color from package to package. Store cool, dry and protected from light.

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