water buffalo horn

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Water buffalo horn comes from farms in northern India from grass-fed animals. For dogs adept at efficient chewing, this natural product rich in protein (80%), low in fat (less than 3%), durable, entirely edible, enduring is excellent for their teeth and gums. Buffalo horn is less hard than deer antler but stronger than hoof.

The advantage is that you can use it as a toy to fill and stuff it with food and place it in the freezer to make an even more appetizing treat.

Size XS can come as a cut or whole piece.

🌱 Extra long lasting

🌱 No preservatives or additives

🌱 No processing or artificial flavoring

🌱 Natural descaler

🌱 Hypoallergenic

🌱 Suitable for overweight dogs

🌱 Source of vitamins and minerals

🌱 100% natural

🌱 Clean, odorless

🌱 Does not stick in the hair and does not splinter

Composition: 100% water buffalo horn.

Analytical constituents: Protein 82.5%, fat 4.5% fiber 6%, ash 0.8%, moisture 5%.

Nutrition advice 🌱 Do not give to puppies, senior dogs or dogs with fragile teeth. From 12 months . Give a suitable size to your animal, if the buffalo horn fits completely in your animal's mouth, the size is too small and unsuitable, there is a risk of ingestion, take a larger size. Buffalo horn is recommended for destructive dogs, confirmed chewers and chewing dogs. It is not suitable for chewing dogs.

Practical advice 🌱 Fill the buffalo horn with mash etc then put it in the freezer to use it as a toy to fill. This product being natural, the shape, color, size and weight may vary slightly from one product to another. Non-contractual photo.

The sizes

XS: Weight < 100g – dogs up to 10 kg

S: Weight 100 to 250g – dogs from 10 to 20 kg

M: Weight 250 to 350g – dogs from 20 to 30kg

L: Weight > 350g – dogs over 30 kg

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