Smoothie Dog Ice Cream Kit for Cats

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Attention not suitable for cats who do not like to eat cold.

This starter kit is ideal for introducing your sweetie to Smoothie-based ice cream!

It contains 1 smoothie (flavor of your choice) + 1 Smoothie Dog mold (1 smoothie is enough to fill a mold) + 1 whole bag of beef or mutton spahetti 50g . A bag of spaghetti contains about 15 sticks, which is enough to make 5 x 3 ice creams.

Make your own cat ice cream with Smoothie Dog in this super cool mold composed of a mini smoothie, a paw and a heart to treat him with fun shapes!

The ice cream mold is very elastic, resistant and the contents can be easily released from the mold after freezing. Its notches make it easy to slide in the edible sticks included in the kit.

Directions for use: Place a spaghetti in each mold and fill them evenly with the Smoothie of the flavor of your choice, then top up with water. The molds contain a total of 350mL (i.e. 1 smoothie of 150mL + 200mL of water). Place the mold in the freezer for at least 5 hours then let your loulou taste! He can then nibble the stick. You can also add whatever you want: kefir, mash etc...

Make sure your dog licks and doesn't crunch the ice cream so it doesn't reach the stomach too quickly and he can safely enjoy the refreshing treat.

 Infinitely reusable

Dishwasher safe

Oven and freezer safe (do not freeze for cats who don't like eat cold)

Smoothies are free of artificial preservatives, sugar, grains and by-products.

Temperature resistance:

~ from -40°C to +230°C

∙ Total plate dimensions : 

27.2cm x 12.2cm x 2.6cm

∙ Materials: Non-toxic BPA-free premium food grade silicone

Composition and analytical constituents of spaghetti: click here

Composition and analytical constituents of smoothies: click here

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