Les besoins fondamentaux du chien

The basic needs of the dog

As in humans, the dog's basic needs can be represented in a pyramid.🌱 At aPETite Store, we help you meet your dog's chewing, licking, and mental spending needs.
November 28, 2022 — aPETite Store
Halloween avec son animal : les 5 règles de sécurité pour passer une agréable soirée

Halloween with your pet: the 5 safety rules to spend a pleasant evening

Halloween is a stressful time for our pets. If you want to prioritize his well-being, here are 5 safety rules to follow.
October 30, 2022 — aPETite Store
Feux d'artifices : comment l'aider à rester zen

Fireworks: how to help him stay zen

Animals are generally afraid of the sudden and powerful explosions emitted by firecrackers and fireworks.
July 13, 2021 — aPETite Store